Sunday, April 29, 2012


Where the heck are you, man?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What A Boffo Idea!

There is a possibility that Dan Rooney will be deported for endorsing Obama.

Sure, the article says that Rooney is a "front-runner" to be Ambassador to Ireland. I prefer my spin on the news.

Pelosi's Rubber Stamp

One of the many repeated memes of the first six years of the George W. Bush presidency was "rubber stamp Congress". Democrats hated the fact that a majority Republican House and Senate would frequently vote with a Republican president. It's like giving him dictatorial powers! Of course, Democrats would never do that. Would they?

Of course, they would -- if they had a majority in both houses of Congress and a Democrat in the White House. And that's just what has happened in the early days of the Barack Obama administration:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama's economic stimulus legislation is headed for the Senate after a surprisingly partisan vote in the House in which Republicans united in opposition and 11 mostly conservative Democrats defected.
Aside from just under a dozen "Blue Dogs", "Boll Weevils", or whatever they are called these days, the Democrats handed Obama a nice big rubber stamp on this bill that cuts taxes, offers tax breaks, and increases spending. Decreasing revenues while increasing spending is one of the things that got the Republicans booted from Congress in 2006. The grass roots rebelled. When a Democrat government does it, somehow it makes perfect sense to that party. No, I don't understand it, and I am not going to try.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it was unfortunate that Republicans could not see fit to support the measure.

"Well, we are definitely stepping up to the plate to say we'll be accountable," she said in an interview broadcast Thursday. "Republicans have had their chance. They decided to oppose - that's their choice."

The California Democrat said her party has "echoed" Obama's call to action and is ready to defend the large amount of spending in the measure.

Sorry, Nan. The current Congress is not a "rubber stamp" Congress. It is an "echo" Congress. I will be sure to remember that. For the rest of the Obama Administration, I will think of this Congress as the Echobama Chamber.

This might be a good time for me to pose a question that I have pondered quite often over the last few years: When people vote for President, do they think they are voting for Dictator? I get the impression that most voters think the President is in absolute charge of everything in the country. People (mostly Democrats) acted that way under Bush. They elected Obama because of the things that HE (not Congress, the courts, or anyone else) is going to do. Why not just hand him supreme executive power and forget about the rest? Silly people.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Opiate Of The Asses

If you have eaten something that disagrees with you and you need something to make you puke it back up, read through Tony's column in today's Psychosis-Gazette:

This has been a week unlike any other for millions of Americans. Those who haven't felt pride of ownership in our democracy for years felt its insistent stirrings, once again. For many, especially African-Americans, the pageantry surrounding Barack Obama's inauguration was a renewed call to patriotism. Many felt obliged to answer in the affirmative for the first time.
Hear that, America? According to Tony, patriotism is not loyalty to country. It's loyalty to party, or to race, or both. If your party isn't in charge, you don't feel "pride of ownership". That's funny -- I couldn't stand having a Democrat as president from 1993-2001, but I never lot my "pride of ownership" in America.

Read the rest of Tony's drivel. Your gag reflex will respond heartily and your gullet with erupt like Old Faithful.

It is typical of the way that a lot of deluded Americans (a majority, apparently) feel about Obama. They act like they've won a war. Obama's victory has brought them to a state of mass euphoria. They're freaking high on the guy. Did they take him in pill form, intravenously, or did they just sniff him to get the buzz going? The man is a walking drug.

I didn't vote for Obama, I don't like the direction that he intends to take the country, and I won't miss him when/if he ever leaves office. But I don't feel like America has been taken away from me. I'm not stupid, unlike the Obama drones.

In the unlikely event that the government rescinds my right to vote for no apparent reason, I will have serious issues with America. Right now I don't care who is President. It's still my country regardless.

Enjoy the drugs, Tony.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

On Second Thought...

...maybe my zest for blogging went away after the virtual "death" of Pittgirl. Speaking of which, "Virtual Death" is one of my favorite Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath songs. Turn up your volume, and LISTEN.

Geezer Butler rules.


The country is under siege, and I have drastically cut back on my political posts because of it. The country has a new president, one who won on a platform of HOPE and CHANGE. Some have suggested that the hoped-for change includes regulation of the internet. That is just a fancy term for crushing dissent. If I dissent, my blog may be crushed, so I had better get used to talking about something other than politics. Like sports.

How about them Steelers? Wait...Dan Rooney endorsed Obama and then gave him the AFC Championship game ball. To hell with that Obamunist Dan Rooney. Who needs him?

Go Cardinals!

Top Babe

I started watching Top Chef a couple of years ago when my wife became hooked. My fondest memory of Season Three is...Chef Casey. She was a fan favorite because she is, to be blunt, a BABE. There is plenty of drama to keep things interesting, but when all is said and done, it's the aesthetics that stick in my mind. I'm just a man, after all.

Season Four had some lookers, though none at the Casey level. It was more entertaining than Season Three. I'm glad Blais made it to the final and Stephanie won.

Season Five started out well. One of the chef contestants was a buxom Army wife who looks like Jessica Biel. Naturally, she was eliminated about ten minutes into the first episode.

Waiting in the wings was Chef Rad. Her looks are a fantastic combination of "cute" and "gorgeous". She has been compared to a lemur, but that's OK because lemurs are cute. She has been getting good reviews from the judges for most of her dishes, she has an agreeable personality, and she doesn't drag the show down with drama. I am pulling for her to win. Unfortunately I couldn't stay up late enough to watch last night's new episode. It would have been nice to see which of her opponents had to pack their knives and go.

What did you just say??? She was WHAT???


The Fifth Cylon

So, BSG Ellen Tigh the Fifth Cylon, or just a red herring? I suspect the latter, since her former home is now underwater, like fish. Ha!

My "Romo Lampkin is Joseph Adama" theory would seem to be shot to hell, seeing as how Earth is (based on archaeological evidence) an ancient Cylon homeworld. What the frak? Cylons were supposedly created during the lifetime of Admiral Adama's father. How are they suddenly thousands of years old?

Sam Anders spoke on behalf of BSG fans when he wondered out loud how the Final Five could have come to live as humans in the colonies 2,000 years after living on Earth. It's always comforting when a fictional television character doesn't know any more about what's going on than the viewers at home. All, as they say, will be revealed. Questions like this just make it much more interesting.