Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Avoid the 'Loid

Celluloid, that is.

The Golden Raspberry Foundation has just announced its nominees for this year's Razzie Awards. This is ostensibly a fun way to sit back and mock some of the stink bombs that appear on movie screens worldwide. Sure, if there are annual awards for the best in cinema, let's have an award for bad movies, bad performances, bad production, et.al.

Now, I am not an avid moviegoer. This saves me an incredible amount of money, which I then go ahead and blow anyway by spending it on DVDs instead. But I am a very discriminating viewer, and nothing puts me off of enjoying purported entertainment more than finding out that the creative people involved with the product take a very dim view of people who think like me. It is a well-known fact that most celebrities tend to lean towards the left side of the political spectrum. Moonbats control the entertainment industry, and admitting to Republican Party affiliation or even saying one little positive thing about the right can harm someone's career. If I know that a performer is a registered Republican, like Charlton Heston (who was actually a Democrat until around 1964), then I have no problem patronizing his movies. (There is a good list of Republican celebrities at the Hollywood Congress of Republicans web site.) Needless to say, I avoid anything by Michael Moore like the plague.

And the Razzie awards have been hit with that plague. Perhaps I was being naive by expecting something so cute and fun to be free of political bias. But it is not. Among the expected nominations, such as Halle Berry in Catwoman and just about anything to do with Alexander, one finds Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11. If this pseudo-documentary had been the nominee, I could have appreciated the sentiment. But it wasn't. Keep in mind that Moore used news footage of leading figures in the U.S. government, as well as plenty of his own cinematography, to make the Bush Administration look as bad as possible -- just like an actual network news broadcast, you might say. Since these politicians and bureaucrats appear in a theatrically released film, the Razzie people figure, everyone who appears in it is an actor of sorts, with the lead performer being President George W. Bush. As Razzies founder John Wilson explains:

...while Fahrenheit 9/11 was a piece of anti-Bush propaganda, the president and his associates earned their Razzie nominations on their own.

“It wasn’t Mr Moore’s editing,” Wilson said. “It’s the raw footage of these people just making fools of themselves.”
Thank you, Mr. Wilson, for taking all of the fun out of your little project. It's almost enough to make me want to pay to see your other nominees. Almost, but not quite.

The Hollywood left's answer for everything that doesn't go their way: "It's all George Bush's fault." None of them are willing to take responsibility for their own failures.

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