Monday, January 24, 2005

Godzilla crushes the Steelers

One again, I have managed to go an entire football season without watching a single down of a Pittsburgh Steelers football game. Instead, I regaled my children with a Godzilla film festival on some cable channel called WAM! Very predictable, really -- the big green guy shows up just as a rival monster threatens Japan and manages to destroy several dense (not to mention densely populated) urban areas while marching off to battle. Hundreds of screaming people run from their tables at al fresco dining establishments. Plenty of "dragon-breath" bursts, a man-made Godzilla-sized robot, and big green ends up wading back out to sea. With entertainment like this, who wants to watch a stinking football game?

I didn't even know the final score of the game until I checked in with someone in Minnesota. So the Steelers lost, eh? Big surprise there. But why in the heck did I hear someone setting off fireworks around 8PM last night? I don't even live that close to Heinz Field. Any excuse for a party, I guess.

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