Friday, January 21, 2005

He's Still Here, Folks

Since I was at work all day yesterday, I gave up on trying to watch or see any of the inauguration festivities. Hugh Hewitt dedicated the early portion of his show to replaying the audio of the President's speech, so I did get to experience it as it was meant to be experienced. The speech was loaded with rhetoric and vision. One expects this from an inauguration speech. Pundits have already taken to varying degrees of criticism, including, surprisingly, many on the right. For what it's worth, I liked it, because I saw it not simply as a guide to the next four years, but as a long-term vision of America's future, and that of the world.

George W. Bush is still here, and he's not going away. Unfortunately, the same can be said for his erstwhile opponent, John F. Kerry (or John L. Kerry, if you're a New Yorker).

JFK/JLK made his voice heard during the Rice confirmation hearings this week, after returning from a visit with several anonymous (perhaps mythical) world leaders while trekking around the Middle East and Europe. No word on whether anyone offered him citizenship in their country. He would certainly feel more welcome in most of the places he visited than he must have felt in Washington yesterday.

(Who is the guy in the big cowboy hat? Talk about rubbing salt in the wound.)

Where were his supporters? If they weren't protesting along the parade route, darkening their web pages, or calling off from work and keeping their wallets shut, they were enjoying a nice Caribbean cruise. Party of the common man, indeed!

A local note -- the Pittsburgh Steelers host the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game this coming Sunday at Heinz(-Kerry) Field. I'm going to forget what I said about my apathy towards football, for one week and one week only. The Patriots need to be crushed, and crushed badly, for no other reason than that they have the profile of John Kerry featured prominently in their logo and on their helmets.


mobilone said...

Just when you had me convinced of the waste of time in my existance you FLIP FLOP..and for political reasons at that! What is the world coming to(?)** Oh well it's only for one week..

Nicko McDave said...

One of the best things about having a mind is that you can always change it!

mobilone said...

If you'd like to put money on that..see my latest post!