Monday, January 17, 2005

Now This Is More Like It

Until about three days ago, this month had been unseasonably warm for a January. We had a similar spell about two years ago, which prompted a Euro-leftist work colleague of mine to opine that the warm weather had almost everything to do with human activity, as though such a thing as nature didn't exist. In fact, climate change has always occurred and has nothing to do with brief spells of "unseasonable" weather. (This kind of change has impacted world history from time to time. As to whether modern industrialization can adversely affect climate change, well, that is still an ongoing debate in the scientific community, no matter what kind of propaganda some Chicken Little filmmaker tries to sell in a silly movie.)

Needless to say, about a week after my colleague made her foolish observation, we were digging ourselves out from under mountains of snow.

Thus did it occur this past week. On Sunday, I shoveled and swept the walks three times. I enjoyed it. I liked cleaning the walks so much that I was disappointed to find that we didn't have additional accumulation overnight. Whereas some people jog along the seashore, I pile frozen white crap all over my lawn. That is my idea of a good workout. If we suddenly entered into a new Ice Age and had snow year round in Pennsylvania, I would be in paradise right here on Earth.

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