Monday, January 31, 2005

Sleeping With the Devil

Ronald Moore, the creative force behind the new Battlestar Galactica, has a blog. Moore regularly responds to fans in Q&A posts, where he handles viewer concerns such as:

The standard of the stories are superb and I would have to say it is one of the finest sci fi series I have seen in a long time. BUT IT DOESNT NEED SEX TO GET THE VIEWERS. Call me a little old fashioned but I nor others that I know really appreciate having to endure sex scenes that really do not further the story in any significant way. In fact I think they are rather pointless."

This was one of the problems that I had during the miniseries. The Baltar-Number Six sex scenes could have been hinted at without the heavy breathing and the glowing red back. And about that most "supermodels", it's kind of bony. Is that supposed to be attractive?

This girl needs some pizza, or maybe a few big bowls of pasta, to get herself into shape. She looks quite ill here.

Ron Moore responds to the viewer by pointing out that the show is geared towards adults, and that sex scenes are part of understanding the show's characters in the context of human sexuality. Point well taken, but one has to remember that not all of the characters engaging in intimacy with others are human beings; they only look human. To put it in perspective: The character Number Six is Baltar's advisor, his closest confidant. The closest thing in the original Galactica series would have been Lucifer, the android with a mini discotheque in his pointy transparent head. In other words, Baltar is now sleeping with Lucifer.

That is just way too wrong.


Contessa said...

They can't do this... He was the cutest gay-robot around, all the boys and the girls in my class were in love with him ;-)

Nicko McDave said...

There was a rumor back in 1979 that C3PO was going to leave R2D2 so that he could hook up with Lucifer.

Contessa said...

:-)) a better choice in any sense: cuter, taller and better dressed! Such a beautiful couple would have been...