Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Teresa's "Deep Funk"

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Whispers column checks in every Sunday with the latest scuttlebutt in local politics. This week, we learn that one of our favorite adopted daughters (ack), Teresa Heinz Kerry (or is it Teresa Heinz Field?) is suffering from a lack of overexposure:

"She was angry and hugely disappointed and (ticked) off," the Heinz Kerry friend told the Herald. "She wanted to win so badly."

So badly, in fact, that she seemed at times to act as though she were already in charge. Every time she opened her mouth near a microphone, she did more to hurt than to help her husband's campaign. In particular, let us not forget her run in with a Trib journalist in Boston last July, when she got huffy and insisted that she did not say what she had just said. Yes, she did. And almost as soon as the words "shove it" had left her lips, Republicans diagnosed her as being a bit nutty, while Democrats proclaimed her to be a hero, thus proving that the whole lot of them are as irrational as THK.

John Kerry would have been even less tolerable a President than Bill Clinton was, but at least foreign-born Teresa can't run for office like Hillary. THK would have made a Kerry presidency easier to take just by providing the nation with comic relief every time she made a public pronouncement. But will he run again -- or, more to the point, will she allow him to run again? Time will tell. Meanwhile, let us consider the Trib's choice of words in the headline of the Whispers piece that seems to reveal a rather painful method that THK uses to control all of JFK's movements:

Will John Kerry run again? The ball is in Teresa's hands

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Honnistaibe said...

Maybe now THK can get back to maintaining that "farm" she has in O'hara Township..I hear the cows and chickens have been getting neglected.