Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Time For Celebration

Mitch Berg, proprietor of Shot In the Dark, reminds us all that it is less than three weeks to Reaganmas. Mitch calls it "our next national holiday", which is fine by me, as long as it remains an observation by private citizens who wish to honor Ronald Reagan's legacy and doesn't become a federal holiday. Reagan would have preferred it that way.

Before we start planning Reaganmas celebrations, we need to get past the Second George W. Bush Inauguration. Three months ago, there was still a fear that instead of an inauguration, we would be subjected to a national freak show with Herman Munster "reporting for duty". It seems that the freakish element still plans to play a part in the day's festivities. How hard is it going to be for a bunch of hippies, bureaucrats, and welfare sponges to blow off work, black their web sites, and refrain from spending money? Does this mean that those who opt to protest in the streets of Washington, D.C. are going to camp out overnight for two consecutive nights? If they are serious about a complete economic boycott, they can't be renting rooms in hotels or grabbing a snack from the kiosks. They have to camp out in the streets. Someone is going to freeze to death out there, and the media is going to make it out to be Bush's fault.

At least the rest of us can channel surf and enjoy the Galaxy of Stars. Pity about Kid Rock, since I am sure he would have toned down his act for the occasion, but at least the real-life inspiration for Buzz Lightyear will be in attendance!

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