Friday, February 11, 2005

DIY Bleat

(Today was another vacation day for me, so please indulge me. I've been wanting to do a Lileks for a while and finally have some workable material.)

While wife was being feted by work colleagues at a belated birthday luncheon, I drove to the school to pick up Hyperactive Son from morning Kindergarten. Argumentative Baby Daughter came along for the ride. Normally I would avoid stopping by a fast-food joint on the way home, but I was in a generous mood and had a few extra dollars to spend. Hence, we were soon seated at our kitchen table with bags of Scottish Clownburgers and thin-sliced, deep-fried potato sticks. Both children acquired a new toy with the meal. For Son, it was a demonic spiky-haired bust of some character that looked like a Skater Boy coming up through the wooden table top.

Daughter pulled out a cute figurine. The third one of its kind this week, I later learned. I opened it for her and read the label: "My Little Pony".

She took it and assured me that it was not.

A moment later, I asked her: "Is that 'My Little Pony'"?

"No, it's not yours, it's mine."

Another moment passed, and I informed her: "That's a 'My Little Pony'".

"NO! You don't have a little pony. It's MINE!"

An hour later I tried to reenact the drama for her mother. Holding up the figurine, I asked: "What's this?"

"Yours", she replied. Why doesn't this kind of persuasion work on adults?

(Okay, enough. I had better cut this out before it really gets bad.)

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