Tuesday, February 01, 2005

He's At It Again, Step In Time

Lileks does not even have to leave work to find something insanely idiotic to fisk. Old Bill Moyers, the recently retired canker of public television, follows in the footsteps of Walter Cronkite by becoming even louder and more obnoxious after stepping down from public life. There's not much to add to Lileks's screedy Bleat, but I will make a few points:

  • Moyers attacks the Christian religion, or at least whom he considers to be the more powerful, more uncompromising adherents of the faith, with little or no recognition that he is virtually a religion unto himself. Having destroyed a presidential candidate by running the most misleading campaign ad in history, followed by a run as presidential press secretary, Bill Moyers had shaped the news and swayed public opinion in a big way before settling into his long-term role as television commentator. People have watched television just to see what Moyers has to say, and they have made his books instant bestsellers. Adorn someone with too many accolades, and they start to see themselves as something more than merely human. Is it any wonder that he has no qualms with irrational criticism of Christian belief? He's attacking a rival faith.
  • Lileks catches Moyers admitting to a sort of blindness. Quoting Shakespeare does not necessarily make you seem more intelligent.
  • Moyers grossly misrepresents the audience of the Left Behind series of novels. Having been responsible for merchandising the books during my last few years as a bookseller, I can tell you that not everyone who reads them agrees with the theology behind them. Many readers took a look at the first book and became hooked. It's like the Harry Potter phenomenon. Would Moyers imply that the average Harry Potter reader practices magic when not in the presence of muggles?
  • The British writer to whom Moyers looks for validation has a name that looks like "Moonbat". This is like the second half of a double whammy after hearing Lileks refer back to his French adversary, "King Bedspring", on the Hugh Hewitt Show last night.
If, as the title of the Moyers article suggests, "There is no tomorrow", it is the likes of Bin Laden, Zarqawi, and their ilk who will bring the end about much sooner than any perceived Christian religious fanatics.

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