Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I Always Expect Some Kind of Moonbat Inquisition

During the last fifteen years, I have worked for two employers, both of whom seem to favor hiring people of a distinctly leftist bent. As a result, I have rarely had a serious discussion on any topic with my coworkers. It would be like openly admitting heresy in front of a group of priests during the Inquisition. Instead, when anything remotely political is discussed, I stay silent.

That is just one reason that I took up blogging.

This morning, for instance, I chose to remain civil rather than getting into an argument with one of the college students who works in my office. College kids are convinced that they need to hold strong opinions about everything. People who get to be my age have long since realized that not everything is worth commenting on, especially if expressing yourself leads others to question you intelligence, your maturity or your sanity. "Especially since," as P.J. O'Rourke once wrote, "some of us have been going through an awkward adolescent stage for nearly four decades". I hear you, brother.

In this case, the college student was referring to a "Straight Pride Week" sponsored by the College Republicans at the University of Central Oklahoma. While I have always been opposed to political correctness on college campuses, I also feel that an "equal but opposite" reaction like this is not only irrelevant, but also harmful to one's cause. Our college student thought that it was silly, poorly thought out and just a stupid thing to do. Had she stopped there, I would have been happy.

But she quickly descended into moonbattery and rattled off a list of pejoratives to explain why she expects this sort of foolishness from people who live, say, between LA and New York, and south of the Great Lakes. "Middle part of America! Christian! Fundamentalist! Conservative! Oklahoma!" She could have just said "Flyover Country" or "Jesusland", but being a college kid with big opinions, she just had to give a detailed expression of her feelings. If the tables had been turned and I had ranted about "Left Coast! Humanist! Atheist! Liberal! San Francisco!", she presumably would have accused me of being a "hater". Some folks are very predictable that way.

All I could really say in response to that outburst is "Hush, Little Moonbat". But not to her face.

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