Thursday, February 10, 2005

Now They're On TV!

My day spent in bed on Tuesday kicked this flu thing big time, for the second time in under a week, so it was back to business as usual for me, listening to the Northern Alliance Radio Network filling in for Hugh Hewitt for the third time in under a week. Since I've already determined that flu can be transmitted via the internet -- apparently Hugh caught it from Hindrocket -- does this mean that I'm going to be stricken once more before the week is out?

The NARN's national turns are always interesting, not to mention a nice bit of a change from the weekly show, as they stick to the Hewitt schedule and interview all of the regularly scheduled guest stars. It's got to be a thrill for the guest hosts -- they actually get to speak to folks whom they would otherwise only be blogging about. Unimaginable for them just two years ago, and inspirational for the rest of us now.

Wouldn't it be great, then, if they showed up on TV? Why, they did, just last night. And if your Window Media Player is fully upgraded, you can watch it anywhere in the world. All Mitch Berg needs to do is send up a satellite, and he will rival Howard Stern as "King of All Media". Just imagine: "Satellite Radio, the Patriot In Space, this is Mitch Berg with the Astral Alliance Radio Network. Go nowhere, Earthlings!"

Do you think I am being silly? The project has already started; it is still in the test stages. Perhaps it was a bit mean of them to use Mr. Hewitt as a test subject, but when you are reaching for the stars, you might as well start big.

UPDATE: Just as I was finishing up this post, Mitch was posting an insider's review of the KARE11 segment. Most of the other NARN bloggers are either too modest, too ill, or too interested in getting a full night's sleep to link to it yet. Except for Captain Ed, who linked last night. Look for him in the video -- he's the guy in headphones who is even harder to spot than Mitch.

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