Saturday, February 26, 2005

Seventeen Seconds

Last night I sat down at my computer to see if I could catch a replay of last week's Northern Alliance Radio Network show. The connection would not work for me last Saturday; I tried for over two hours and gave up. So imagine my surprise when the connection worked last night and I heard Hugh Hewitt's voice coming out of my speakers. There won't be any problem tuning in to the NARN this weekend, right?


I had no problem getting the last few minutes of Rabuse, but as soon as it was NARN time, my connection went into "Buffering" mode. Just like almost every other time I try to listen to the NARN. (I take comfort in knowing that one of the hosts knows exactly what that feels like.) I tried again and again for twenty minutes, using two different browsers. Each time, the feed came through for exactly seventeen seconds before going into "Buffering". Why seventeen? There must be a reason, but I am danged if I know what it is.

After nearly giving up, I decided to take one last shot at 1:41. It worked. I've been tuned in for fifteen minutes. That means I have two minutes before it breaks contact. There's just something about that number seventeen that I do not trust.

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