Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sick In the Head...Back...Chest...Feet...etc.

Just when it looked like I was all better, I was stricken on Monday night with a relapse of the flu bug from last week. There's nothing quite like the feeling of fever and aches from head to toe. Most of my day was spent laying flat on my back, which I now realize was a mistake. How was I to know that gravity played such a big role in how bad I felt? Laying down put too much pressure on my head; sitting up relieved my headache. Too bad it took until 2:30 AM for me to figure this out. Taking ibuprofen instead of cold/flu medicines helped, as was taking a drink of honey-lemon tea after abstaining from food the entire day. (No internet, either, so I missed the NARN filling in for Hewitt again, drat the luck.)

This morning, I decided to return to work (for at least part of the day). I expect to be cloistered in my office for the duration.

No one that I know, at home or at work, is suffering from this bug. Did I get ill from using the internet? The question must be asked.

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