Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Where's the Source?

There is still no source for the Sunday Mirror story about the Charles-Camilla White House ban. The only article that has appeared online since yesterday is a cute selection of comments by celebrities in India criticizing the President's alleged anti-divorcee policy.

A more sensible article appeared in the Daily Mail. Nothing about a specific prohibition on the divorced. The Prince has been invited, but Camilla is "unofficially" accompanying him, so she may not be invited to the White House. No substantiation for the rumor.

Here is another thought -- Queen Elizabeth will not be attending the wedding, even though it will be held "184 steps" from her residence. Is it possible that she might be using her influence as the UK's Head of State to persuade the Bush Administration to deny Camilla official access? Don't underestimate the power of the constitutional monarch in such matters. Would these journalists be willing to put the Queen under the microscope and speculate that she might be responsible for a Camilla snub? No, because then they couldn't blame it all on George Bush. And to the media worldwide, that is all that matters.

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