Monday, February 21, 2005

A World of Spite

Ohligarchy has been up for over a month, and has attracted little traffic during its short lifespan. You will find few entries in my comments section. If my readership continues to be limited to me, and the few people who surf in from time to time, it might be a blessing.

The larger a blog's readership is, especially a political blog, the greater the amount of attention it attracts -- both positive and negative. Sometimes the negative attention comes as part of an orchestrated campaign of invective and hate, as recently happened to John "Hindrocket" Hinderaker at Power Line. The moonbats could have attacked Hindrocket at any time for just about any post; this intrusion just happened to deal with the Talon News controversy, or lack thereof.

Be sure to read Hindrocket's firsthand account of the experience as well as Mitch Berg's analysis of the situation. The Left is so crude and so bankrupt of ideas, that I find it harder and harder to expect people who describe themselves as "liberals" or "Democrats" to be capable of rational adult behavior.

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Anonymous said...

So many great little time.

I wasn't aware you were out here until I saw your comment to my post over at the MAWB Squad. (Thanks!)

I'll work in a link over at M.S. and at my own site (Cathy in the Wright) but don't expect the traffic to keep you warm.

I know what you mean about growing readership. I used to get about 30 people reading my site...I could write whatever I wanted about whomever I wanted. Now, I'm a little more careful. No trashing the distant relatives or mocking my small-town mayor.

Still, it's always a kick when someone else finds you, isn't it?

Thanks again for the comment!

St. Kate - M.A.W.B. Squad