Thursday, February 03, 2005

"You Can't Go to the Hospital, You're Sick!" Rob Reiner once said to Sally Struthers on All In the Family. After a couple of days of feeling like I'm coming down with something, I finally feel as though the flu has taken over my body. In all likelihood, I am going to have to call off from work. I am the sort of person who never likes to call off from work. If I could work for 50 years and keep all of my sick days until the bitter end, I would.

Yesterday I had to leave early in order to take my son to the Doctor (for something unrelated to my malady). The whole time, I wished I could have been at home, in bed, asleep. The fact that the waiting room was one hour behind schedule didn't help much, either. My body kept telling me that I was too sick to go to the Doctor's office.

If this is a sick day for me, I might just try blogging to see how therapeutic it is. Either it will keep me occupied, or it will make me sicker; it all depends on the material.

Hmmm...the Blogger spell checker doesn't recognize the word "blogging". Very odd. Or "Blogger" either, which seems like a form of self-denial.

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