Tuesday, March 29, 2005

And Remarkable, Too.

Pixar has been releasing feature films every 1-2 years since 1995, and every one has been a winner. The latest one will be hard to top. What's the name...the Inedibles? The Uncrustables? The Unmentionables? Or is it, as my two year old daughter calls it, "'Credibles"? Well, it certainly has much more credibility than most live action films being released these days. I love watching a film about a decent-sized family with my own decent-sized family. We spend about ten minutes after each viewing having a "what if our family had super powers" discussion. My younger son, age five, looks a little like Dash. He keeps resisting my efforts to get him to comb his yellow hair straight back. Perhaps I should get him to try hair gel.

Pixar DVDs are always loaded with great extras. Best of all are new animated features "Jack-Jack Attack", in which the babysitter learns what happens when a young super develops his first powers; and "Mr. Incredible and Pals", a cheap sixties style animated short featuring Mr. Incredible, Frozone, and a stupid spectacled rabbit sidekick. The characters speak with human lips, a process not seen in cartoons in over thirty years. Good thing, too. Those moving lips are scary. The short is taken to another level as the two *ahem* real-life heroes whose likenesses are used in the cartoon provide commentary on what turns out to be an abomination and an embarrassment to them both. Samuel L. Jackson has some of the best lines of the entire DVD, feature film included, on this cartoon commentary:
"They made me a white guy!"
"Why does everybody have lady lips?"
"I sound like a...a BEATNIK!"
"Oh, the black superhero gets caught!"
"That rabbit is getting on my last nerve!"

Too funny. I didn't want it to end. With the magic of DVD, it never has to.

One last thing -- even though I do not speak or understand either French or Spanish, I did try out both tracks to see how they sounded. French was nasty. Everyone sounded like they were getting ready to throw up. No appeal. Spanish, on the other hand...wow. Mrs. Incredible/Helen/Elastigirl is even sexier in Spanish than she is in English. Check it out.

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