Thursday, March 31, 2005

Birth and Death

The blogosphere (or at least the part that I cruise) is a much sadder place today. Michael Schiavo has successfully starved his wife to death. Putting aside the political and religious takes on the debate, one thing stands out above all else: a lowlife creep has been struggling to have his wife die, at any cost (legally), for fifteen years. I keep hearing people say "What's wrong with out country?"; perhaps we ought to start with Mr. Schiavo to learn the answer.

Whenever there is sad news of death, it is reassuring to hear good news of birth. A woman in Kettering, Ohio (near Dayton), pulled into a gas station the other night and gave birth to a boy. Yes, at the gas station:

"I asked if she needed help, and she just leaned back in the seat, hollered a little, and I looked down and there was the baby's head," said station co-owner Lloyd Goff, who was alerted to the emergency at pump No. 7 by a customer.

Goff said Coleman "threw her leg over the steering wheel, groaned once, and the rest of the baby came out.

"She caught that baby, put it to her chest, gave me a look, like, 'I gotta go,' closed the door, put the van in gear and away she went."
Having attended the births of all four of my children, I can actually picture how this went down. The mother had two children already (they were asleep in the van) so she knew what she was doing. The police came looking for her because of some confusion over the validity of the license plate number, a problem which was quickly sorted out. But by the time mother got to the hospital, some idiot had reported a baby being thrown from the van. Things got a little ugly, but were quickly sorted out:

Coleman said she noticed several cruisers following her before one cut her off. With guns drawn, officers ordered her out of the van with her hands up.

"I opened the door and said, 'I just had a baby' and just let them see everything," she said.

It's not often that police find someone gushing excessive bodily fluids in a vehicle and just let them go. Lucky for mother and kids that the cops weren't trigger happy.

The little boy is still in the hospital and hopefully will be alright. Someday when he is older he may want to find out what was happening in the world on the day he was born. Hopefully he will feel the same revulsion that many of us are experiencing today.

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