Thursday, March 10, 2005

Every Jedi Is Now an Enemy of the Republic

After days of waiting, I nearly missed the new Star Wars trailer that premiered on Fox right at the conclusion of some show called "The O.C." Never saw it before, never will again. Cute chicks, though. But I tuned in just in time, and I am so glad that the movie debuts in just two months. The trailer was so packed with action that I wonder what George Lucas has come up with to fill the rest of the feature film. Darth Sidious is even more impressive than ever, zapping Yoda with blue lightning and pummeling the little muppet with flying senatorial cereal bowls. I never liked tough little short guys who acted like they were in charge. To see Yoda get beaten up will make me smile and laugh, and laugh some more.

It's a sure bet that this weekend's debut of the animated feature Robots will be a huge moneymaker based on the strength of the Star Wars trailer that precedes it. I'd take my kids to see it, but I don't want to lose anyone in the stampede.


David said...

Hey! I am a tough little short guy who IS in charge. How dare you!

Nicko McDave said...

Now this is just creepy. I sign on to the Taxpayers League feed of the Patriot so I can listen to Hugh Hewitt, your picture pops up, and seconds later I check my blog to find a comment from you. That just shouldn't happen in the real world.

Or should it?

I'm going to go look at some pictures of Monica Bellucci and see what happens...