Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Follow Ups

-- The real estate reassessment cap about which I blogged recently was approved by Allegheny County Council. Both local papers, the Trib and the P-G, report thereon. Now we just need to wait for the first lawsuit brought by someone, anyone who is negatively affected. Politicians pass laws that they know someone is going to challenge in court? What kind of reasoning is that? President Bush thought the courts would take care of the negative aspects of Campaign Finance Reform after he signed it into law. They did not. Will it happen here at the local level? Give it a few days we will see.

-- That Darn Cat continues to act suspicious. He was back hiding behind the tub yesterday, as I knew he would. What else, besides his furry little carcass, could he be hiding up there? I have been home from work for an hour, and I am afraid to go upstairs in case he has a bomb. At least Allegheny County Council doesn't have a bomb. That I am aware of.

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