Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Let's Move Before They Raise the Cable Rates, OW!

Well, all right now. My cable provider, Comcast, has reached an agreement with TiVo to provide its digital video recording services to Comcast subscribers. The announcement made TiVo's stock values go through the roof, and caused Comcast stock to pop a minor zit. Comcast's subscription prices, in all likelihood, will also go up, and probably not just for those who opt to use the TiVo service.

I am a reasonably satisfied Comcast customer. My digital cable TV, high-speed internet and phone service are all provided by Comcast. (They used to be provided by AT&T, until that company bought Comcast, combined its cable services with those of its new acquisition, and then spun Comcast back out into a separate company again.) My only complaint is about the price, but in the case of cable TV and internet, it can be argued that I am simply paying more for better quality. (The cost of phone service is a whole separate matter.)

Every change, big or small, seems to be an excuse to raise rates. If this happens, I am going to consider alternative sources of home entertainment feeds, including looking at satellite dish companies. Cable TV would be sorely missed, but right now I can't help thinking that the TiVo deal is going to cost me, one way or another. Unless, of course I go out and invest in some TiVo stock....

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Sandy said...

Once you get a digital video recorder, there's no going back. Having the ability to back up to catch what someone said is incredibly addicting. In fact, both the PiC and I have found ourselves reaching for the "back up" button when listening to the car radio.

We now have DVR upstairs and down. In fact downstairs our box has two tuners, so you can record on one channel while you watch something else.