Monday, March 21, 2005

Maybe They Meant "Sue Dan!"

One of the strangest news stories of the past week has been the "Sudan/Sedan" controversy. This week's Dateline D.C. column nicely encapsulates the story and the fallout from this bizarre non-controversy.

Basically, in 1962 the United States conducted nuclear testing at a site in Nevada called Sedan. The testing was referenced in a Congressional Committee meeting and the transcription that appears in the Congressional Record contains the misspelling "Sudan" instead of "Sedan". The resulting outrage displayed the stupidity, paranoia, and capacity for lying on the part of our enemies around the world -- namely, the anti-American Islamic world, Red China, and of course Old Europe. Media services and governments around the world have been complaining about nuclear testing in an unassuming, unaware north African country over forty years ago.

The sad thing about all of this is that the outpouring of hate for America about something that never happened is no real surprise. Paranoid Islamic governments are just waiting for us to drop a nuke; why not play up a story without bothering to check the facts behind it first? China, of course, will report any story that makes America look bad; and European journalism is front and center with the American press and the Democratic Party in the field of America bashing.

Look for someone, somehow, to hold George Bush responsible for nuking the Sudan 39 years before he became President.

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