Monday, March 28, 2005

Poor Poor Pitiful Mike

Physical evidence to the contrary, Michael Jackson now claims to be a black man. Who is he trying to kid? He has managed to transcend traditional problems of race and sex by creating his own race and his own sex. Why would such a progressive suddenly try to hang on to the old ways of defining ethnicity and pigmentation?

Ah, yes -- it helps him to claim VICTIM status:

He told fans he was the latest of several "black luminaries to be unjustly accused".
In his case, being black (or a black man who looks like a white woman) has nothing to do with his ordeal. He brought this upon himself by getting cozy with other people's kids. Did he really think that such behavior was normal? It has nothing to do with his (former) skin color. It is all about him being a fruitcake and a weirdo. Or maybe it's all personal -- he invokes the infamous "C" word:
"I am completely, completely innocent. But please know a lot of conspiracy is going on as we speak," Jackson said during an interview broadcast live on the internet.
So it really is all about you after all, Mike. Why are you so put upon? Why is everybody always picking on you?
He also denied he was going bankrupt, saying: "It's another of their schemes to embarrass me."
Being filthy stinking rich means never having to say "I'm guilty".

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