Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Herd of Buffalo? Yes, I Have.

An amusing little story out of suburban Baltimore, Maryland, concerns a herd of wayward American Bison:

A herd of buffalo somehow got loose and wandered around an upscale neighborhood Tuesday, disrupting traffic and alarming homeowners before officers managed to corral them in a tennis court.
The ABC/AP news story has a cute little snapshot of the furry beasties mulling around the court. The buffaloes (or bison, if you prefer) came from a nearby farm, and were returned after amusing themselves by jumping over the net in the middle of their new playpen.

Buzz Berg, the owner of the wandering herd, is very charitable with his animals, which often end up beating eaten by underpriviledged folks in the Baltimore area. Bison meat can be somewhat expensive, so the inner city school kids and people at the homeless shelter are getting an exceptional treat when Mr. Berg makes his donations.

Bison is not only expensive, due to the fact that it is much harder to come by than beef, but also because it is much more delicious -- and nutritious -- than cow meat. My idea of a fun summer Saturday afternoon with the family is to head north on I-79, drop by the Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm for lunch (and more, if there is a festival taking place), then up to the beach at Presque Isle State Park on Lake Erie, where we frolic in the sand and splash around in the water. On a clear day, you can even see Canada.

Presque Isle is also the site of the Tom Ridge Center at Presque Isle. This interpretive center was named after Mr. Ridge in honor of his service first as US Congressman from Erie and later as two-term Governor of Pennsylvania. I suspect that his more recent service as Homeland Security Advisor may play a role in the center as well. For all we know, the interpretive center could be a front for a clandestine base that monitors Lake Erie for possible amphibious assaults from Canada. If so, then let's hope that the focus of the Center is not solely directed northward. Given its proximity to the the buffalo farm, Erie is a serious risk of invasion by herds of marauding buffalo. The bison threat must be taken seriously -- just ask the people in the comfortable suburbs of Baltimore.

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