Monday, April 04, 2005

Irwin R. Schyster Lives!

An interesting Forbes magazine article explains what the IRS means when it describes Federal Income Tax as "voluntary", then follows with this comment:

To the agency, therefore, "voluntary" apparently means little more than "not done at gunpoint."
One might think that Forbes is on our side. Yes! Expose the ratweasel bureaucracy for what it is! Do what we say, or you will be looking down the barrel of our gun! But the rest of the article turns out to be little more than a carefully concealed love letter to the IRS. Or, at best, a shameful attempt at kissing the agency's collective arse.

A javascript slideshow displays a series of taxpayer challenges that have been shut down in the courts. Well, of course. No judge or juror wants to be audited.

Forbes reminds us how stupid and uninformed we all are:
Even the average uninformed taxpayer likely would dismiss out of hand an argument that the 16th Amendment, which authorized the federal income tax, was invalidly adopted in 1913.
A good editor would help here. Rendered correctly, the sentence would begin "Only an..." in place of "Even the...". There are people out there who have presented cogent arguments for repealing the 16th on the basis of its controversial ratification, not to mention the questionable morality of the income tax. Forbes is covering its ass again.

If the government can use the federal constitution to come after our paychecks, they will use any means necessary to come after anything of ours.

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