Friday, April 15, 2005

Librarians On the Warpath

Jack Stephens at Conservator blog reports on leftist librarian reaction to a special citation awarded to First Lady Laura Bush, a former librarian and current library advocate, by the American Library Association this week. Angry librarians are holding Mrs. Bush accountable for everything that displeases them about her husband and his administration.

I wish I could say that this collective (or collectivist) outrage surprises me, but it does not. I have worked around academic librarians long enough to know that there is little or no room for right-leaning political dissent. These people are a bunch of Communists. That is not hyperbole; I have seen too many offices decorated with Soviet flags or pictures of Marx and Lenin to naively dismiss them as wayward Democrats.

If one of them ever researched their family tree and found a blood relationship to George Bush, I would expect them to instantly drop dead of shame and embarrassment. The psychosis runs that deep.

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