Monday, April 25, 2005

Live Blogging Rick and Hugh

Senator Rick Santorum is on the radio right now explaining to Hugh Hewitt how compromise works in the US Senate. Parliamentary procedure really bites sometimes.

Santorum functions even better as a defender of faith than as a parliamentarian.

Talk to your Pennsylvania colleague. Like Arlen Specter is going to listen to anything Santorum says? Yeah, right. Better off trying to deal with the Demoncrats.

Civil, but sometimes emotional. Usually too much of both.

Good words for John Thune, the star of the freshman class. Too bad Rick isn't able to say the same thing about Pat Toomey.

Filibuster vote is getting close. Actions will take place.

Hugh has been a gracious host, but what will he say after the commercial break when he has the floor to himself? Stay tuned!

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