Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Peachy Keen and Totally Cool

At the place where I work, I occasionally receive email solicitations from a company called NEATO. I think I ordered from them once, about two years ago, but it looks like I am on their mailing list for all of eternity. Ordinarily, I would think that this is a bad thing and extremely annoying to boot, but there is a hidden gem in these emails that I customarily delete from my inbox as soon as I receive them.

NEATO has an "Operator of the Week" who is pictured in each email as well as on the company's homepage. Oddly enough, I actually look forward to the next photo. Will the operator have a mustache? A wig? A funny hat? There is something strange about these pictures...something familiar. But I can't quite place what that might be. Is there something that these faces have in common? You be the judge.

And eventually, I am sure, the Operator will also be a judge.

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