Friday, April 22, 2005

Queen Amidala Is Young and Naive

When this morning's copy of the Financial Times came through my office, I could not help noticing a cover story about someone named Portman. Everyone is talking about Star Wars these days. Then I looked at the article and saw that this Portman was named to some kind of trade post by President Bush. Wrong Portman.

It's too bad, really. The political views of a lot of celebrities keep me from attending many theatrical screenings of current film releases and from subscribing to any premium movie channels on cable. Their politics might not bother me so much if they weren't completely stupid about it. Natalie Portman certainly proved herself to be one of the dimmest bulbs on the planet last year with her appearance on Good Morning America wearing a John Kerry t-shirt:

Partway through the interview, a smiling [Diane] Sawyer said, ``Now if I'm gonna talk to you, you're gonna have to hold flowers here in front of John Kerry. We can't just have John Kerry the whole time. Who do we bring in for equal time?''

A stunned but laughing Portman shot back, ``Come on, you've got [Bill O'Reilly's] The O'Reilly Factor. That's on television; that evens it out!''

Portman also took the opportunity to voice her support for the Democratic contender, adding, ``I love John Kerry! ''

Brain full of bubbles...the girl is completely stupid. She never explains how Bill Reilly on Fox affects ABC News in any way. If anyone tried to explain to her the illogic of her statement, she would be clueless. It will be so nice to watch her die in the new movie. "Negotiations with a lightsaber" in Episode II? How about "divorce with a lightsaber" in Episode III?

Is there anything positive about her? Bill Clinton seems to think so.

What is he looking at? Oh yeah, must be that. Hillary looks pretty excited, too. I am going to go throw up.

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