Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Riddler Is Up To His Old Tricks

Fraters Libertas have/has updated their/its Separated at Birth section to include all 2004 SABs. The most recent entry, at the top of the list, displays the uncanny resemblance between Power Line's Scott Johnson and taxpayer money pipeline Matthew Lesko. That Lesko is a really weird character. If you haven't seen his infomercials, you are missing a real treat. He runs around Washington D.C. chasing G-men with his big oversized book that explains how anyone can get money from the government to do anything they want, or something like that. He never gets around to explaining that "government money" is actually "money confiscated from American citizens". Nope. D.C. is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and you need not worry about catching the leprechaun before helping yourself to some treasure.

Lesko wears a crazy suit covered in question marks. If you combined his style with David Strom's laugh, Adam West would start beating the snot out of him. If that ever happened, I would volunteer to play Robin and hold his arms back.

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