Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Signs of the Season

After last November's spitefest, a lot of folks were glad to put the whole business of elections and politics behind them. Lawn signs disappeared, except for a handful in the possession of FATAC supporters. What is it with those people? Elections are over, now get back to the business of everyday life.

Things didn't stay quiet for long. On the way home from the bus stop today, walking up the hill to my house, I spotted two identical lawn signs. Once again, campaign season is upon us. As I came closer to the signs, I took note not only of who was being supported but also of who was supporting the candidate. "Democrats for Diven", read the sign. Excellent. Mike Diven is the former Pittsburgh City Councilman who is currently serving in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives. A few weeks ago, he switched his party registration from Democrat to Republican and apparently brought more than a few people with him. As I have said before, I expect this to be the start of a trend. The special election for the vacant 42nd District Pennsylvania Senate seat is scheduled for May 19, Primary Election Day in PA. Diven has a worthy opponent facing him in this race, Libertarian Mark Rauterkus. Oh yes, I almost forgot -- there is also a Democrat running. Well, good luck, pal.

Mike Diven's official campaign web site is up and running
. Look for more signs of Diven on line and on lawns.

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