Friday, May 13, 2005

And the Sun Will Revolve Around the Earth

This morning, while listening to Quinn and Rose on the War Room, I heard something that almost slipped right past me. It was so outrageous that I wasn't sure I was awake yet. This was one of those surreal things that people only say in dreams.

But it was real, alright. Larry Nichols, a former associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton from Arkansas, made one of his infrequent appearances with Quinn and Rose. Larry always has something interesting to say about the Clintons, whether it is accurate or not. He was something of a whistleblower during the era of Clinton scandals in the early-to-mid-nineties, yet somehow managed to survive the rash of "Arkancides" that seemed to befall critical insiders in Arkansas at the time. Since Clinton scandals are not the hot topic that they were ten years ago, people like Larry Nichols have faded back into obscurity. Not that he was ever a celebrity in the first place, but the only time I ever hear his voice on the radio anymore is when Quinn does a dead-on raspy impersonation for those of us who remember the Clinton days. The real thing was back on the air this morning and once again had something interesting to say.

Hillary, he says, is going to run as a Republican.

Look, I never implied that he was going to tell us something insightful or provide us with some kind of insider information on future events. I just said it was interesting. Is it likely to happen? Well, she was a Goldwater Girl from a Republican family. But that was over forty years ago. Nothing that she has done since then indicates that she is going to make a party switch. And if she did, who the hell would want her to be nominated anyway? No Republican that I know of.

Maybe it was really just a dream. If so, then I am going back to sleep. Don't wake me up too soon -- I might have a fun dream about Pat Buchanan converting to Judaism, or the Pope consecrating Mecca. Last year, I had a dream that *I* was elected President of the United States. But that is a post for another time.

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