Thursday, May 12, 2005

Anyone Can Write Like George Lucas

You can't go online these days without surfing headlong into reviews of Revenge of the Sith. Somehow I get the feeling that I am going to know everything that takes places, and everything that everyone says in the movie, before I set foot in the movie theater. "It is is your destiny", as the Emperor would say.

One thing that the Emperor does say (actually just before he becomes Emperor, if I understand the sequence of events correctly) is the line, featured prominently in the trailer, "Every single Jedi is now an enemy of the Republic". This is then followed by some vague commands for Darth Vader to go out and commit evil. Trailers notoriously excerpt lines and arrange them out of order. If I had written the script, I know how I would have followed that rather ominous sounding line about the Jedi:

"Every single Jedi is now an enemy of the Republic. Every married Jedi is the foundation of my new Empire. Gotcha!"

Yes, it's terribly corny, but who would be able to distinguish it from anything that George Lucas writes?


Ken Collins said...

Now that it is almost over, there is now a new website thanking George Lucas for 27 years of Star Wars to present 1,000,000 signatures and stories to him later this summer. Look at

Ken Collins said...
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