Monday, May 16, 2005

Beware the Antichrist

The Antichrist lives, right here in southwestern Pennsylvania. Oh, and he also wants to kill President Bush:

Federal agents over the weekend arrested a South Hills man on charges of threatening to kill President Bush in an e-mail typed at the Bethel Park library.

Barry Clinton Eckstrom, 51, appeared before a federal magistrate this afternoon and will have a preliminary hearing tomorrow.

For the thirteen years, many of us have suspected that the Antichrist is someone named Clinton. How do we know that he is the Antichrist? Because that is how he signs his emails. His electronic correspondence spooked people enough to inform the feds of his whereabouts:

The U.S. Secret Service and the FBI arrested him Saturday at the library after an agent sat down at the computer next to him and allegedly watched him type, "I hate and despise the scum President Bush! I am going to kill him in June on his father's birthday."
You just know that there are Bush-hating librarians out there who will connect this to the Patriot Act, and accuse the government of sending federal agents into libraries to restrict people's freedom of expression. Just watch.

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Honnistaibe said...

The Secret Service was tailing this guy when he went into the Municipal Building which houses the BP Public Library and the BP Police Dept. They hooked up with BPPD who introduced them to the Library Director before they approached the perp.