Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dream Infestation

Two days ago, I ate a delicious meal at a steak house that included salad bar and dessert bar. By the time I was finished, I was so bloated that I almost couldn't stand up to leave. I woke up with aches all over my body yesterday morning. It continued again last night.

Whether this illness is the result of minor food poisoning I honestly can not say. One thing is for certain -- it has poisoned my dreams. I have been waiting months to do some dreamblogging, so here goes:

I was walking through some corridor with my family. Vaguely reminiscent of a building near to where I work, the structure in which this corridor existed was more like an airport or a science museum. (Dreams can be so vague about minor details.) As we walked along, we discovered to our horror that little worms, shaped like maggots but a little bigger and therefore easier to notice, were burrowing their way through the surfaces of mattresses and seat cushions. What was especially odd about these worms was their coloration -- some were red and some were green. I thought that they might be nice Christmas decorations if they weren't so slimy and creepy. We had never seen such creatures before, and therefore could not no whether they were poisonous.

One of my young sons is a dinosaur enthusiast, so I was eager to share with him something unusual that I found. On another mattress/cushion/pillow, or perhaps it was part of a science exhibit (dream vagueness again), small creatures that I initially thought were more worms turned out to be something quite different. One of them had what appeared to be a hump in the middle, with little stumpy legs underneath. It turned out to be a tiny little apatosaurus (or brontosaurus, for those of us who remember the good old days). Other creatures nearby were hard to figure out, but I recognized one as a triceratops and another as a stegosaurus. No raptors or t-rexes, thank goodness.

My subconscious mind determined two possibilities to explain this wondrous sight: Either the dinosaurs live on in a much smaller form than they did millions of years ago; or dinosaurs were always this small, and their fossils look big because the bones have collected deposits of various substances that collected on the outside of the bones and conformed to the shape of the bones. In any event, these living dinosaurs were no bigger than bumblebees.

The dream ended when some Jurassic Park cast members showed up and started expressing concern about both the brightly colored maggot-worms and the mini-dinosaurs. What does this all mean? Who can say? Perhaps I ought to order my steaks medium well instead of medium rare.

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