Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Face of the Pharaoh

Modern forensic science has produced a lifelike portrait of King Tutankhamen, and guess what? He looks nothing like Victor Buono. This is indeed a shock to those of us who were fans of the old Batman television series. In fact the face of the boy pharaoh looks like something out of Stargate.

Stuff like this seriously creeps me out. It's not a real person. But it used to be! He's been dead for thousands of years, but here he is now, and he's looking right at YOU! Yeesh! That thing looks like it wants to kiss me. If I look at it for too long, I swear that it starts to blink. The lips are going to start talking to me. Take it away before I need to be taken away!

Now that I have concluded my episode of fright and anxiety, I will admit -- this is pretty darned impressive, and I hope to see a full series of Egyptian King & Queen portraits over the next few years. That would make a great basis for a museum exhibit. I have always wanted to know if Cleopatra was as ugly as she looks in her coin portraits.

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