Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Force is Strong With This One

My five year old son's obsession with Star Wars continues, and he hasn't even seen the new movie yet. Every box of cereal that we buy absolutely must be a Kellogg's sweet cereal that comes with a light saber spoon. I never knew how much my children loved Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, Froot Loops and Apple Jacks until now. The boy even demanded -- and received, since I was not involved -- a box of Frosted Flakes the other day, and ate some for lunch. Every light saber spoon that we have collected over the last couple of weeks has either been red or green. No blue ones? I would have thought that the red spoon would be hardest to come by. But there were over half a dozen spoons in our collections, and not a blue one among them.

But when he saw Frosted Flakes in the store -- in a blue box -- he insisted that there was a blue light saber spoon inside. My wife bought the cereal just to humor him, and to add another fun spoon to our collection. They got home, opened the box, and pulled out...a blue light saber spoon. The child was right. How was this possible? How did he know that he would pull a blue light saber spoon from the box?

He had foreseen it.

His light saber fascination is not limited to cereal spoons. I'm not about to shell out the big bucks for the fancy sabers that light up and make noise. I much prefer the ones with the cheap plastic blades. Why? Because you can actually fight with them. My son likes to try and choreograph our fights. He actually coaches me on when I am supposed to die. How preposterous. Hasn't he learned anything from watching the movies? When father and son duel, you are at the very least supposed to chop your opponents hand off. It is a Skywalker family tradition. When he tells me that I am supposed to fall over and act like I've been stabbed in the gut, I must correct him and point out that we are fighting for real. We don't fight to a positive finish, since neither of us wants to hurt the other. I just want the boy to learn that life is about more than playing.

Playing, however, is what he is all about, and he is not satisfied with the green, blue and red plastic light sabers that we currently own. The green one is a Qui-Gon "Jim" light saber; the red one is Darth Vader's; and the blue one is Kenobi's. Now he wants Yoda's green light saber, Dooku's red light saber (with curved handle), and Mace Windu's purple bladed saber. I don't think those come in cheap plastic. I think those are only available as expensive light-and-sound show versions.

Boy needs to learn how to save his money. I ain't gettin' them fer 'im.

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