Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Miserable Lying POS

The results of the special election for the PA 42nd District State Senate seat are in. Former County Council member Wayne Fontana handily defeated Mike Diven and Mark Rauterkus following a campaign characterized by an intense -- some would say nasty -- debate via direct mail. As the campaign wore on, the Fontana and Diven camps had less and less to say about themselves, and more to say about one another -- none of it good.

I have known Democrats to turn a blind eye to their own side's shortcomings, particularly when their party's candidates run campaigns loaded with "attack ads". I have seen campaigns where both sides spent the entire race pointing out each other's shortcomings. Yet, in the end, it is always the Democrats who complain about negative campaigns. Do they never pay attention to their own propaganda machine?

When Dan Onorato successfully challenged Jim Roddey in the Allegheny County Executive race two years ago, both candidates dealt with one another in a refreshingly gentlemanly manner -- compared with most political races, at any rate. Yet, when Onorato won, some sniveling Democrat arrogantly boasted that Roddey lost because he ran a negative campaign. I tried in vain to challenge the idiot's take on the outcome. The red curtain of blood descended over my eyes. You can't argue with someone who brain is so firmly lodged in her arse that she can't see that there is more than one side to a debate.

That brings us to our newly elected arse-faced State Senator. As usual, you need to scroll to the bottom of the article for the relevant excerpt. What did he have to say in the aftermath of his victory?

"I hope that future races here aren't as negative as this one,'' Fontana said. "Obviously this one got off on the wrong foot and it snowballed. The people saw through that and I hope for the next campaign and for anybody's campaign, maybe the people who did that will see that it didn't work.''
As the Indian warrior Red Stick said to Walt Disney's Davy Crockett, "You talk like woman". Stop trying to act like Little Miss Innocent. Everything was so mean and we should all try to be nicer to each other. Even when you win, you whine. Political campaigns are supposed to be aggressive. That means not only telling the voters what is good about you, but also pointing out why you are better than your opponent.

Furthermore, what is this bullcrap about "the people who did that will see that it didn't work"? It did work. You won! Your campaign spent the entire race affixing the word "Republican" to the front of Michael Diven's name and treating it as if it meant something worse than "convicted sex offender". In recent days, your ads included a couple of photo manipulations depicting Diven as a magician pulling money from a hat, and as a layabout lounging at poolside in his bathrobe. Are you pure? Did you and your campaign have nothing but nice things to say about everyone involved in this race?

The worst part of all of this is that the Democrats that I know will read Fontana's reflections on the campaign and say, Yes, he's right. That Diven was so nasty, but Wayne was a perfect gentleman. The truth doesn't matter to that party. They just keep lying until they believe themselves. And the damage is done.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Great insights. It needs to be documented.

I don't think Fontana is going to be secure in his seat in a year. He'll have some Dems run against him in the primary, because of the way he ran the race in 2005.