Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Open Letter In the Dark

Any respect that Mitch Berg may have had for Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has gone up in flames like Darth Vader by the lava pit on Mustafar. "Note to Bill Frist: You Suck" has attracted more attention than any Shot In the Dark post that I can recall seeing, as measured in terms of both comments and trackbacks. In case anyone hasn't heard by now, a group of moderate-to-left leaning Republican Senators worked out a compromise with the Democrats to end the filibuster over several long-awaited judge nominations and bring them to a vote, but without ending the practice of filibusters federal court nominees. Short term good, long term bad. Dr. Frist has been taking a lot of heat for not holding his party's mavericks' feet to the fire over the matter. The Democrats could resume filibustering any time they like. Frist -- obviously acting in response to Mitch's open letter -- has tried to distance himself from the mavericks. It may be a bit too late for that, Doc.

Anyway, back to the comments thread on Mitch's post. I won't excerpt any here; I just want to warn you to read them at your peril. You might think that Mitch attracted some strong support owing to the fact that someone posted his open memo on Free Republic this morning. Perhaps it did -- but it also brought out some of the shrillest barking moonbats on the internet. Did Mitch use strong language in his open letter? Yes, but the moonbat commenters went even farther. Did Mitch seem a little irrational in his missive to Senator Frist? Perhaps a bit, but he seems quite calm compared to the electronic flecks of spittle from his outraged visitors. Seriously, I feel like I need to shower in disinfectant after reading some of the stuff these freaks have typed.

These leftists are like spitting cobras. You don't know whether they are going to bite you or poison you; you just know that they want to get rid of you, and you don't want to hang around them for any length of time. Very few of them are interested in discussion; they have decided that what they are told to believe is right, and God forbid anyone should express a contrary opinion within range of their sensory perception. They'll start an argument repeat their talking points and refuse to stick around for the rest of the debate.

Mitch is right. Under no circumstances should any normal human being try to make compromise with these moonbats.


MItch Berg said...


I've had some bigger posts in terms of traffic (although this was probably my biggest non-Instalanche post ever), but this was my first Freep link. And the moonbats were genuinely amazing; I can see why Hinderaker blew his stack last spring when he was on the wrong end of a Kos-alanche.

Nicko McDave said...

The moonbats can always be counted on for bizarre behavior, but you have to watch out for some of the Freepers. They can be a bit kooky, too. Especially watch out for the one called "Snuffington".