Saturday, May 14, 2005

Real-Time Campaigning

Let's see...Today's mail brought four campaign pieces. Three from Mike Diven, one from Wayne Fontana. Some days the ratio goes the other way. Why so many in one day? These campaigns must have a lot of money to spend.

Fontana's mailer criticizes Diven for paying his Allegheny County property taxes late. It made a point of showing a screen capture from the county property web site that shows Diven's property taxes still unpaid as of May 5. This sent up a red flag for me. I check that site every year to see if my taxes have been paid. You see, I make monthly mortgage payments. My property taxes are paid annually by my mortgage company out of the payments that I have been making over the course of the previous year. They don't always pay my taxes at the same time, but the taxes do get paid. I have no direct control over what date my mortgage company pays the taxes, so sometimes they pay late. But they do pay. And I know for a fact that Mike Diven has a mortgage, and that his mortgage company pays his property taxes on his behalf, too.

How do I know this? Because not twenty minutes ago, I received a recorded message via telephone from Mike Diven, addressing today's Fontana mailer, and explaining exactly what I just said in the above paragraph. That was impressive, and a little scary, too. I half expected him to tell me what I was wearing when I answered the phone.

Wayne Fontana should know better. Someone with his experience as a realtor ought to know how mortgage companies operate. Blaming his opponent for a four days late tax payment is as sleazy as anything has gotten so far in this campaign. Fontana is a run-of-the-mill lying sack of filth opportunist Democrat. Why should I trust him or anyone in his party?

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