Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Revenge of the Leaky Faucet

So not only did I take a day off from work yesterday, but I also took the day off from blogging. Nothing going on in the world or in my life seemed interesting enough to comment on.

It was both a costly and productive day. I finally got around to some indoor Spring cleaning while the rains poured outside; by the time I was done, I had filled four garbage bags with debris that the children had left on the downstairs floors. Four bags. That's one per child. Hmmm.

The costly part came from having plumbers come over to fix my kitchen sink. We have had a leak for a few weeks now, but never had a chance to fix it because everyone is so busy and never home to do anything about it. I have zero confidence in my plumbing skills and turned to a professional. Good thing, too. We had assumed that we simply needed something like a washer for the faucet. We needed a whole new faucet, which set me back quite a few dollars. It's nice. Really nice.

The plumber informed me that the inside of the old faucet was so badly damaged, that we were lucky that the thing didn't erupt and shoot water all over the kitchen.

That brought back memories. A dozen years ago, I was studying in my college German textbook while doing laundry. Since I had no need to leave the basement, I opened a folding chair and sat down right there to do my homework. As I got to the section on weather, I spoke aloud the words "es regnet", which means "it's raining". At that exact second, the hot water hose to the back of the washing machine burst open and sprayed scalding clear liquid in my general direction. I tossed the book aside to a dry spot and charged over to the wash basin to shut off the hot water. I was rather stunned for a few seconds, and momentarily worried that I had discovered some untapped power to perform acts of magic using the German language. After all, I had just said that it was raining, and danged if it didn't happen straightaway. In the cellar.

I have not done anything to cause an indoor rain shower since then, and I hope I never do again. The new sink was well worth the expense.

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