Friday, May 06, 2005

Ten Questions

I've never done one of these before. But since two of my favorite bloggers (Mitch and Doug) have done it, I may as well give it a shot. Here are the survey questions, along with my answers:

1. If you were a writer, what kinds of books would you write?

Family histories. My hobby is genealogy, and I have spend over a dozen years compiling data on literally tens of thousands of individuals who now reside quietly in a digitized database. I would love to be able to arrange their life stories into some sort of narrative text.

2. Do you expect to ever be famous in your lifetime? If yes, what do you expect to be famous for?

No. I do not actively seek fame, so if I ever do become famous, it will likely be the result of some sort of tragedy.

3. Say something liberal.

We, as American citizens, should be able to live our lives free from government interference.

4. Say something conservative.

We, as American citizens, should be able to live our lives free from government interference.

5. What did you dream about last night?

I can't remember, but whatever it was, it must have been worth its own blog post. My dreams usually are.

6. What have you read this week? Include everything: magazines, emails, blogs, books, etc.

Reagan's War by Peter Schweizer, everything on my blogroll, a lot of funky text at the bottom of viagra spam emails, and several requests from co-workers demanding that I go buy them stuff.

7. Tell me about your worst date ever.

I think I had a total of four dates before I was married, since I never had much patience for that sort of thing. Three of them were with a vegetarian, so I guess you could call them bad dates because I adjusted my eating habits to make her feel more comfortable. I went away feeling malnourished.

8. Name three of your bad habits and three of your good habits.

1) Leaving my clothes on the bathroom floor when I am getting ready for work.
2) Belching in the privacy of my own home when I think no one cares or notices. (My kids have called me on this one.)
3) Staying up too late.

1) Hanging my towel back on the rack after my shower.
2) Parking the car in my driveway with the lights off, the wheels straight, and all brakes on.
3) Properly and securely exiting every software application and login session that I use.

9. Tell me something you're very proud of.

This doesn't say "most proud of", which of course would be my immediate family. By extension (I suppose), I am very proud of the fruits of my family history research. Someday, when the kids are old enough, I want to share it with them, and they in their turn can contribute and be proud.

10. Give me a piece of wisdom that I should pass on to Parker Grace (who is now twelve weeks old).

Life can seem like one disappointment after another. Keep looking towards the future, never give up hope, and the disappointments will fade into history, one after the other.

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