Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Vandalz R Kool

The other day I blogged about the carousel park construction project that has forced me to wait at a different location for my bus after work. There is a stop about a block away from the usual one, which is not so bad. Today, however, two buses skipped the temporary stop and proceeded on to the rest of the route. Some of us waited over half an hour for a bus that was never going to show up. The Port Authority is working against its riders now. Not a smart move to make when every bit of news about the transit service provider revolves around the words, "We need more money!"

So I caught a bus to downtown Pittsburgh and transferred to one that passes through my neighborhood. The ride to town wasn't bad, since there was not nearly as much traffic on the road as there would have been before the last term at the local universities started. The ride from town to home was rough, as I needed to stand and hang onto the metal railing above my head. My equilibrium is terrible, so it is always an adventure for me to ride standing up. About halfway through, feeling lousy and wondering when it was all going to be over, I looked above the railing and looked at the Port Authority's list of no-nos for bus riders. The usual restrictions applied: No Smoking, No Open Food or Drink, No Radios without Headphone, No Bare Feet, etc. And at the bottom of the list, someone had added this gem:

Suddenly, everything about the ride home was made better. I can't explain it, but that little smack of graffiti made me happy. Normally I detest graffiti, but this was different.

I felt like exclaiming, "Take THAT, Port Authority!"

Instead, I might try composing missives to my elected representatives at the State Capitol in Harrisburg to tell them that Port Authority service is lousy and the unionized fatcats who make a living off of high fares and even higher taxpayer dollars need to be added to the unemployment rolls as soon as possible. But I won't. I'll just wait for them to surf on in here and read this for themselves.

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