Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Criminal Justice Is a Many Splendored Thing

It truly is amazing what people will do to get themselves in trouble:

Two women who participated in a prison love-letter scheme that netted more than $221,000 will spend more time in prison.
What, praytell, did the love letters say? "Dear Loverboy, I love you! I'm in jail. Send me thousands of dollars!"??
Cynthia Denise Livingston was sentenced yesterday to 18 months in prison and ordered to pay nearly $5,000 restitution. Michelle Mendoza was sentenced to one year in prison and ordered pay nearly $7,700 restitution.
Good thing they happen to have $221,000 lying around to pay the restitution. Oh no, wait...
According to prosecutors, the inmates placed personal ads to start relationships with men. Typically, the inmate would send a photograph of an attractive woman, falsely claiming it was of her.
Falsifying information in a singles ad? That ought to be illegal anyway. And just how stupid and desperate are these men?
The inmate would ask for money to spend at the prison commissary and, as time progressed, they'd claim they'd soon be released and needed money to relocate.
Pretty stupid and desperate, apparently. When did they start to become suspicious? When the girls stopped asking for lunch money and started asking for enough money to buy a new house? Or when they realized that they didn't have enough left in the bank to get beer money from the local ATM?
Then they'd tell the men they received new charges and wouldn't be getting out of prison after all.
Well, dang! They finally said something that wasn't a lie after all. It just hadn't come true yet.

I almost feel sorry for the guys who got scammed. Hopefully they were allowed to keep the attractive women photographs that the prisoners sent them, because those would seem to be the only positive things the men could possibly have gotten from this whole messy affair.

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