Friday, June 10, 2005

Everyone's Invited To the White Christian Party

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean has become a major embarrassment to his party over the past few days due to his idiotic and bizarre public pronouncements on the supposed nature of the Republican Party. In doing so, he has been a godsend for pundits, bloggers, and especially for the bigwigs. Republican National Committee Chair Ken Mehlman spoke at a fundraiser in Pittsburgh last night, and relied heavily on material provided by the maniacal Dr. Dean.

Mehlman also used an Allegheny County GOP money-raising event at the Omni William Penn Hotel, Downtown, to accuse Democratic leaders -- including National Chairman Howard Dean -- of using "hateful rhetoric" in comments about Republicans.

"As Republicans, we will always point out where the other party is misguided and mistaken, but we will never embrace their hateful rhetoric," he said.

Democratic leaders hope "their loud talk and angry rhetoric will hide the fact that they have nothing to say and nothing to offer," Mehlman told a crowd of about 450 Republicans at the $50-a-plate dinner.

Remember: For the Democrats, it is not so much about what Republicans do and say as it is about what the Dems think we do or say. They keep telling their lies until they themselves believe them. The "hateful rhetoric" is part of the package. Logic and rationality are not the Democrat's strong suits.
Dean said last week that a lot of Republicans "have never made an honest living in their lives." The comment sparked a roiling controversy. Some prominent Democrats, including Sen. John Edwards, of North Carolina, criticized Dean for the remark.

Dean said later his comments referred to Republican leaders' lack of action on working-class issues.

John Edwards is one of the most high-profile trial attorneys in the country. He may have taken the "never made an honest living in their lives" remark personally, even he was not being addressed directly.

Dean is lying again. He repeats the old canard that all Republicans are rich and have no idea what it is like to work for a living. Has he ever spoken to a Republican in his life, outside of those actively involved in politics? I work for a living and am supporting a family of six on a fairly low salary. Being a Republican does not mean that I am wealthy; it means that I want the government to stay the hell out of my personal affairs.

Terry McAuliffe was just goofy; Howard Dean is completely demented.

In another controversial remark, Dean recently characterized Republicans as "pretty much a white, Christian party."

During an earlier event yesterday, Mehlman poked fun at Dean's comment. At a reception for him by the Republican Jewish Coalition, held at the Duquesne Club, Mehlman quipped: "Good afternoon, my fellow white Christians."

It doesn't take much effort these days to poke fun at Dr. Dean's idiocy. The "white, Christian" remark is going to follow him around for a long time. Mehlman needs to run with this one as long as he can.
In the speech last night, Mehlman acknowledged the party needs to work harder to attract more blacks and Hispanic Americans into its rank-and-file membership.
There is no "Whites only" sign on the door. The best way to attract a broader base is, of course, to show people that they already share many of the values of the Republican Party. I just hope that the party doesn't try to move to the left in order to build a broader base of support.
Asked if he believes Dean has become a handicap for the Democratic Party, Mehlman said, "I think that Gov. Dean's comments reflect a party that is so focused on what it's against and who it's against that it's not proposing solutions to solve problems the American people care about."
This is why we want Howard Dean to stick around for a very long time. If disaffected Democrats begin seeing that their party is all rhetoric and bluster, the Republican base is going to expand in ways that will totally belie everything that Dean has been saying these past few weeks. Because, despite what he says, everyone is invited to this party. They just need a good reason to show up.

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