Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mass Graves

Several years ago, I picked up copies of Jay Leno's Headlines anthologies on remainder at the book shop where I was then employed. Those books provided hours of enjoyment during my moments of recreation at home. I am constantly on the lookout for humorously juxtaposed headlines and photographs, or just awkwardly worded headlines, in the newspapers. One of my favorites was from USA Today about a visit by President Bush (41) to Arkansas during the 1992 presidential campaign: BUSH ATTACKS CLINTON IN HIS OWN BACKYARD. One presumes that the offending flora used sharp blades of grass to carry out the assault.

This morning, both Pittsburgh papers -- the Post-Gazette and the Tribune-Review -- have Jay Leno worthy juxtapositions -- using the same photograph! (These are PDF files, so you will need Adobe Reader to view them. Also, the PG image changes weekly but the Trib's ought to be semi-permanent.)

The PG front page caught my eye as soon as I stepped off of the bus this morning. Apparently medical marijuana users are dying in record numbers and filling whole cemeteries. Why, it's no wonder the Supreme Court declared that stuff to be illegal.

The Trib's Page One tells a different story behind the picture. The graves, it seems, are those of 900 militants arrested by the Iraqi government yesterday as part of Operation Lightning. That's some swift justice, giving the Saddamites a dose of their own medicine.

(For the real story, go here.)

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