Saturday, June 11, 2005

Minnesota Here I Come

My family usually vacations during the first or second week of August, as this is right around the time of our wedding anniversary. My wife and I married in an outdoor ceremony in humid 90 degree weather. Odd choice for people who prefer cool weather to warm weather, perhaps, but at least we got it over with! Las year we went to the US Air Force Museum near Dayton, Ohio; the year before, it was Washington, D.C. in the swampy nasty heat. So we are trying something cold this year. We are planning a trip to...MINNESOTA.

Of course I am joking about MN being cold. I have been to Minnesota in the Summer before, and nearly got eaten alive by mosquitoes. But we are going to Minnesota nevertheless, and due to the beneficence of a relative in the Twin Cities, I get to stay for free at an undisclosed location that I shall heretofore refer to as CAMP MINNEHAHA. (This is an alias, so don't both trying to look it up.) I love motels; we can sleep soundly all night and all morning in the air conditioned rooms, but I can't stay more than a night or two for the price of a family of six. Camp Minnehaha will serve me well as a base of operations. I might stay for a whole week.

I have not determined which week I am going to be there, but I am working on what to do when I am in the area. There are a few things swimming around in my head, but if anyone from the MOB/NARN is reading this, I would be happy to solicit suggestions as to what to do with a family of six. Doug? Mitch? Cathy? The only thing that is a dead cert for this trip is a Thursday evening visit to Keegan's Pub. After all, I have been granted "diplomatic immunity" by the MAWB Squad.

Unfortunately, the Minnesota State Fair is out. Kids here go back to school that week. Anything else is under consideration. How's the Laurentian Divide this time of year?

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Doug said...

One thing you can count on for Minnesota family activities - they're mostly indoors. Unless you want to hang out by a lake or something. Even our baseball team is indoors. There is a new nifty looking indoor water part in the northern 'burbs, but I can't think of the name off the top of my head. Plenty of shows to see, but it will depend on the dates you'll be here. And there's always the catch-all Mall of America, which I think you mentioned having been to before. There should be no reason to be bored in any case.