Monday, June 13, 2005

The MOB Guide to Travel in Minnesota (2005 Edition)

Thank you Mitch Berg and everyone who thus far has weighed in with suggestions for my upcoming visit to the Twin Cities. Mitch solicited ideas for me at Shot In the Dark, and I must say that I am impressed with what I have read thus far. Except, of course, for "mow my lawn" and "wash my car". My price of admission to Camp Minnehaha already consists of "water my garden". That's enough yard work for me when I'm away from home. Besides, I am allergic to lawn mowing.

For the record, my previous trips to Minnesota consisted of:

  • 1993: A "Geek's Tour" of the Twin Cities. Visited several used book shops and purchased a set of the complete Shakespeare plays in the original German. Walked into a Borders that used to be Odegaard's and was greeted by a life sized cardboard cutout of Bill Clinton wearing a "gay pride" t-shirt. Dropped by the Historical Society and found a very old photo of my great-grandfather's clarinet-playing cousin from Peoria. Also traumatized by the site of Prince's "Purple Rain" costume on a faceless mannequin in a glass booth. Went to something called "Ghetto Grocery" and saw, for the first time in my life, beer in a supermarket. Accidentally visited the Mall of America after my host missed his exit on the Interstate.
  • 1994: Spent an entire weekend somewhere north of Cook, unaware that I was posing for what would become the Minnesota State Quarter. Snacked on pork rinds and Pig's Eye Pilsner. Still have fond memories of blogging up the aftertaste of what can only be called Pork's Rind Pilsner. (To be honest, Pig's Eye had the same aftertaste even when not consumed with pork rinds.)
Places I would like to see are Duluth (for the Lake), New Ulm (for the German theme, especially the Hermann Monument), the Great River Road (both the MN and Wisconsin sides), and Wisconsin Dells (a nice day trip). Thanks to Mitch's commenters for recommending The Big Ball of Twine, Lake Itasca, the Bunyan statues, the Mill City Museum, and the Stone Arch Bridge.

Warnings about the Mall of America will be taken under advisement. So far I have heard one vote for, two against. It doesn't matter. We are going to be in town for at least five days, so I will end up getting sucked into it no matter what.

I just hope I find time to sleep. I sure ain't getting it down here right now.


Sandy said...

We love the Dells and have spent more than one vacation there. If you take a boat ride, hold out for the speedboat. It's the most fun. Of course, the Ducks are probably the most famous for doing both land and water, (besides having historical worth!)

If you want to do a Dells outdoor water park, Noah's Ark is the biggest.

It will be a real long day if you make it a day trip.

Doug said...

Seconding Sandy, the Wisconsin Dells are a good 3 1/2 hours from the Twin Cities. Pick the length of your day, but that says at least overnight to me.