Thursday, June 30, 2005


Several months ago, members of my family with whom I share my computer became addicted to something called Neopets. It seemed kind of cute and harmless. I especially liked the fact that it was something that the kids could get caught up in without leaving it all over the house. It made me happy because it made them happy.

The true scourge of Neopets has only recently begun to rear its ugly head.

I have found that when I come home from work and sit down to use the computer, the system runs about as fast as Jabba the Hutt going uphill in a mudslide. And if I try to open Microsoft Word, the computer crashes and I have to spend the better part of ten minutes waiting for the thing to reboot. This only happens when someone has been playing Neopets.

Do you think I have an easy time explaining this to my wife and kids? Not on your life. It's not because of Neopets, they say, but because of Microsoft. I can't completely disagree. Microsoft has its problems, but this never happened before Neopets invaded my family's collective life.

On top of all this, Neopets was purchased by MTV the other day, which means that the Neopets empire will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. I can't take this anymore.

Perhaps I need to solicit others' experiences. Has anyone else had trouble with Neopets mucking up their computers? Does it load my hard drive with adware and spyware?

Or is it my fault because I'm still using Windows 98 after all these years? I know I'm not state of the art, but does it all come down to the need for a new computer?

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